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Main Features

You can use keyboard and mouse to enter your data

Undo and redo functions - so you can simple make corrections.

You have two modes: Calculator and adding machine.

Background calculation: In a calcualation in the main calculator open a second calculator and make some calculation to insert it in your main caluclation.

Expression calculation: While your use the main calculator, you can open the expression calulator where you can enter expressions like (5.2 + 3.4)*17.1 . When closing the expression calulator your result is inserted in the main calculation.

Also you can edit the values in the tape.

Set decimals as you want it or use floating numbers.

Use memory functions to store values for later use.

Many rounding options are available.

The tape shows the balance, so you can allways see the result.

Grand total to get end results.

Tax1 and tax2 to add tax (2 values you can free set as you want.

Print with print preview of your tape.

Save / laod tapes so you can check works of the past.

Print the tape into an image to save or send it to where you want.

Best is: Try it out.

Free download only 1.5 mb

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